Topics of Interest

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Hazard Recognition & Evaluation

Biological Monitoring, Biosafety​, Control Banding, Exposure Assessment​, Instrumentation, Indoor Environmental Quality, Indoor Air Quality​, Occupational Exposure Limits​, Real-Time Detection Systems, Risk Assessment​, Sampling Analysis​.


Elimination & Substitution, Administrative Controls, Engineering Controls & Ventilation​, Prevention Through Design​, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)​.

IH Program Man​agement

Communications & Training​, Management Systems, Risk Management, ROI & Budgets, Technology, Value Strategy.

Regulation & ​Public Policy

Compliance, Litigation & Expert Witness, Regulation & Legislation, Public Policy​, Record Keeping & Reporting​, OSHA​, NIOSH​, Standards​.

Hazard Comm​​unication

Globally Harmonized System​, Safety Data Sheets​.


Chemic​al & M​aterial

Aerosols​, Airborne Particles, Asbestos​, Combustibles, Dust, Gases, Hazardous Waste​, Lead, Nanotechnology​, Pesticides, Silica, Solvents.​


Bacteria & Viruses, Biological Toxins, Bloodborne Pathogens, Mold​.


Hand Tools, Lifting, Repetitive Motions, Workstation Issues.


Confined Spaces​, Fire & Explosions, Lighting, Noise​, Radiation, Thermal Stressors, Vibration, Work Site Hazards​.


Behavorial Disorders, Mental Disorders, Stress Related Disorders, Workplace Violence.​


Agriculture, Construction​, Engineering, Government​, Heathcare​, Laboratories, Manufacturing​, Mining, Office Environment, Oil & Gas, Services, Transportation, Wholesale & Retail, Public Utilities.